HPRS becomes an extension of your business office.

We manage your insurance revenues by following up on denied or delayed claims. Additionally, we manage your self pay collections from initial contact with overdue account holders through submission of bad debts to the 
collection agency or your choice.

Maintain your staff at a cost effective level and control
spiraling operation expenses.

Free your staff up to manage the important aspects of keeping your facility or practice running smoothly. We'll handle the time consuming job of making sure you're 
getting paid by insurance companies and self pay clients.


Insurance Claims Follow Up
Denied Claims Appeals
Self Pay Collections
Early Out Billing
Workers Compensation Followup
Debtor Skip Tracing
Your confidence in our services is very important to us. To that end we provide you with any custom reports you may need so that you can rest assured that each and every one of your accounts gets the attention it deserves.

bullet Medical Collections is our specialty, that’s all that we do.
bullet Our collectors are educated regarding both HIPAA compliance and the Fair Debt Collection Laws.
bullet Collects both self-pay and insurance (We have employees that only work insurance accounts. They will call the insurance companies and resolve problem accounts.)
bullet Focus on your reputation and your getting repeat business. MRRS’ collectors handle your patients with compassion and respect, while still working hard to get them to pay their debt to you. (We sometimes get “thank you” letters from patients, thanking us for working with them to get their debt paid.)
bullet No spammy recordings or dialers. MRRS has live collectors that call your patients and work out payment plans to get your money for you as soon as possible.
bullet Lower cost to you. HPRS charges a lower fee than Standard Collection Agencies on the monies that we collect for you.
bullet Better results! So far, every client that has come to us after using a Standard Collection Agency has been impressed with the fact that we collect more money for them and charge lower fees.
bullet No other/hidden fees. HPRS offers a 5-day grace period meaning that if a payment comes in within 5 days of an account being placed with us, we do not charge you at all.

Standard Collection Agencies:

bullet Work in many different fields, do not specialize in medical.
bullet Collectors may not be trained in HIPAA compliance.
bullet Normally do not work with insurance companies. When it is determined that a patient’s balance is covered by insurance, a lot of Collection Agencies give that account back to the billing company and either charge a 15% fee, or charge their normal fee of 35 to 40% or more, once the monies are collected.
bullet Often their collectors collect using threats and intimidation.
bullet Often use dialers and/or recordings, which are not as effective as having a live person call.
bullet Charge exorbitant fees, 40% or more.
bullet Sometimes have other fees, such as a re-stocking fee of 15% when it is determined that an account was erroneously placed with them even though it was previously paid.
bullet Sometimes charge their full fee on accounts that must be turned back to the billing company for insurance collections…meaning that you the client may be double billed.
bullet May charge higher fees for accounts that must be Skip Traced.
bullet May charge higher fees for accounts less than $175.00


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